Where do you get the birds/reptiles?

The birds are from several sources. Most are from rescue/rehabilitation facilities. These are the birds that show up DOA, have to be euthanized or succumb to their injuries. Others come from the places like the airport or delta landfill. Exotic birds were ex-pets or aviary occupants. Reptiles and amphibians are deceased pets that were donated to us.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, I’m happy to take on custom jobs. Please connect with me to discuss further.

If I have a specimen that I would like mounted, what do I need to do?

You need to freeze your specimen as soon as possible in a Ziplock style bag (or in a rigid container for delicate invertebrates) get in touch with us to discuss how to proceed.

How do you process your skulls and skeletons?

The bone cleaning process is slightly different depending on the specimen. Small animals to become complete skeletons go through a six-step process before being rearticulated. Larger, robust animals or their skulls go through a process with two less steps. We never boil and bleach bone and never leave anything uncontrolled in the elements. For example, we never throw it on an ant hill or bury it in the garden. Methods like this rarely produce acceptable results.

Where do your insects come from?

We source all the insects from the country of origin. Some are collected, many species of butterflies, moths, stick insects and some others are farmed.

Are the animals and insects real?

Yes, all of the animals and insects are real; however, some of the animals (like some amphibians) are mold and casted from actual specimens. This is a method used by museums to get a more life-like and anatomically correct representation of that animal. Any specimens created with this method will be listed as replica.

What are the services you do not provide?

  1. Wet specimens
  2. Diaphonized specimens
  3. Taxidermy of cats & dogs (skeletonization and skulls we will do)
  4. Mummifications
  5. Tasteless, bad or silly taxidermy 
  6. Don’t source items to markup and resell (we only sell items we have processed, produced or mounted ourselves)
  7. We will not sell those cheap, dried out bats, frogs or boiled and scraped skeletons   from Asia. We strongly disagree with the ethics of collecting these animals for that purpose
  8. We don’t taxidermy big game like deer shoulders, bears etc. We don’t currently have the facilities for it

Do you offer taxidermy courses?

Not at this time, we currently don’t have the facilities to host people for the time needed. Taxidermy is not something that can be done properly in a one day workshop.