Damon was born in Manitoba and grew up on the mainland of B.C. He has always had a keen interest in the arts and biology. Damon has been passionate about painting, drawing, photography and sculpting since an early age, with a focus on nature. Through his teenage and young adulthood his love of nature also led him to educate in schools on the subject. His educating encouraged children and young adults become more interested and in touch with the natural world.

Damon spent 20 years working in the film industry on productions like This Means War, Twilight, Dead Pool, Altered Carbon, Sonic the Hedgehog, to name only a few. He worked closely with people like John Carpenter, Toby Hooper, Meatloaf, Tom Hardy, Reece Witherspoon, Ryan Reynolds, Rob Lowe and Jim Carrey.

In his 20 years working in props on set and in the build shop, he’s picked up numerous skill sets and a very detail-oriented eye. While in the film industry he started Bonegarden Design so he could pursue his passion for bringing life like beauty to insects and animals. His love of nature and the coast brought him to Saltspring, where he set up his taxidermy studio to follow his passion full-time.

Both Damon’s arts and film background fostered his critical eye and focus on perfection. He takes additional time and effort to ensure the outcome of every project is as true to life as possible. One of his biggest complements is when people tell him they thought his subjects were actually alive.